Our Vision:

That children on the front lines of the climate crisis and those most  impacted by inequality and discrimination have opportunities, resources, skills and a safe space to meaningfully participate in climate change adaptation action and decision making in their communities and to engage in and influence local, national and global climate policy processes.

Child and youth led climate action:

Actions to address climate change, including mitigation, adaptation and green skills activities which meaningfully include and/or are led by children and young people.

Objectives of CCC:

  • To support children in and raising their voices on climate action and engaging with decision makers and policy processes, providing links with governments at national, regional and global level.
  • To influence governments, businesses, academia and practitioners to support child-centered climate action.
  • To provide evidence-based research on how climate change impacts children and highlight the need for all to work with and for children on climate action.
  • To provide technical expertise and best practices on child-centered climate action.


  • Inclusivity – working with and for the most marginalized children and those experiencing intersecting inequalities.
  • Gender transformative – tackling the root causes of gender inequality and reshaping unequal power relations.
  • Justice – recognizing that children impacted by inequality and discrimination have contributed the least and bearing the brunt
  • Child rights – understand, prioritize and focus on upholding children’s rights (under the CRC) in a changing climate

Our Publications

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