Child & Youth Engagement

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What’s the big idea?

Youth networks reached out to CCC to support a child and youth-led space to inspire CCA action and resilience. It’s a great idea and CCC wants to support. The idea was for a space for children and youth to share their experiences, discuss with each other, learn and inspire further child and youth-led action across the world. CCC website can support with links to the latest tools, resources and information.

How will it work?

It’s up to you! We are talking with several youth networks at the moment to work out what might be most useful and impactful

What’s on the agenda so far?

As a starting point we plan to create an interactive map to highlight examples of child and youth-led action on climate from across the world. It will be open for everyone to upload examples and get inspired

Got a suggestion?

Please get in touch! We’d especially like to hear from child and youth networks